Animating in Unreal Engine 5.4

Learn how to animate characters, objects, and more in the industry's most exciting real-time software!

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July 1st - 19th

Monday + Thursday Lectures

15 Hours +

of Professional Training

New 5.4 Tools

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Guest Speakers

Industry Sessions Each Week


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Instructor / Guest Speakers

Learn how Unreal Engine is being used in production from some of the industry's leading power users, such as:

Sir Wade Neistadt

Animator, Technical Trainer
Epic Games Mentor + Instructor

Shazzy Angulo

Head of UE Development - WildBrain
Creator - Mitzy Makes It

Scott Lemmer

Animation Director - Epic Games
Director of Animation - Lego Fortnite

Fredrik Nilsson

Lead Technical Product Manager, Animation - Epic Games

Chase Cooper

Senior Technical Product Manager, Control Rig - Epic Games

Alex Ferreira Sim√Ķes

Senior Animator - Riot Games, Mentor/Founder - Animation Flow

Class Pricing


Zoom Live Sessions Twice a Week

This course runs from Monday July 1st - July 19th:

  • Zoom Lectures on Mondays and Thursdays, 2.5 Hours Each¬†
  • Guest Speaker Sessions on Wednesdays and/or Fridays
    (Final speaker schedule TBD)

All course lectures are recorded in 4K and will be available for you to re-watch at any time after the live event has concluded.

Guest Speaker sessions may be recorded on a case-by-case basis depending on the preferences of each speaker. More details to come as additional speakers are confirmed.

Session Length / Time Zones

  • Zoom Lectures will take place from¬†8am - 10:30am Pacific Time.
  • An additional 1-hour Q&A / Demo slot¬†will be available on Thursdays at 7pm PT.

If there are enough sign-ups, another Zoom session option may be created from 7pm - 9:30pm Pacific Time.

You may indicate your preference upon successful sign-up via the Registration Form.

Course Breakdown

Here's a rough overview of some of the things you'll learn in this course:

Session 1 - Sequencer for Animation

  • Animation Shot Setup
  • Cameras¬†/ Subsequences

Session 2 - Keyframe Animation

  • Unreal Animation Workflows / Behaviors
  • Curve Editor / Tracks /¬†Anim Sequences

Session 3 - Animation Tools

  • Pose Library / Pivot / etc.
  • Constraints /¬†Space Switching

Session 4 - Control Rig for Animators

  • Modular Control Rigs
  • Animation Sequence Baking / Solving

Session 5 - Motion Capture Workflow

  • Animation Retargeting
  • Mocap Cleanup / Anim Layering

Session 6 - Animation Blueprints

  • Blend Spaces / Take Recorder
  • Exporting / Movie Render Graph
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An Instructor Trusted by Epic Games

Sir Wade has worked as a consultant for Epic Games to assist with the 2023 Unreal Engine Animation Fellowship as both an Instructor and as a Mentor / Producer.

Team Neistadt, a collection of Industry Veterans, created the Exquisite Corpse Don't Stop the Motion, with some team members having little to no experience in Unreal prior to the Fellowship.

All artists worked together alongside the team Mentor, Sir Wade, as well as other Fellowship staff to create this collaborative project.

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What Students Have to Say

"I've taken a few of Sir Wade's workshops so far and each time when they've ended I've felt that I've either learned something new or been introduced to a new way of thinking that has made the animation process a little easier. Highly recommend!"

- Anonymous Student

"I can't overstate the value of Sir Wade's technical background in animation and unique insights into optimizing your workflow... No matter your level of experience, there is always more to learn in this field and I highly recommend taking the opportunity to learn from Sir Wade."

- Luke Shaw

"Sir Wade was super fun and inspiring. Everyday that I was in class, I felt like something new was coming. Everybody is super nice and Sir makes you feel just as important as everyone else. Definitely one of the best mentors ever! 100% recommend."

- Morgan Hanson

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