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Studio Workflows & Techniques

This course started as a 5-hour professional training series at DreamWorks Animation, and has evolved into this comprehensive animation training course that will equip you with the workflow tools and production techniques that professional artists rely on to create your favorite films, games, TV shows, and commercials.


Professional Training in a Variety of Disciplines

In this online course, we cover the entire production pipeline of what Maya has to offer. All topics are covered to give you a generalist understanding of the tools, but with an emphasis on Character Animation Workflows and Production Needs.

Modeling for Animation

Use industry tools and cheats to create props, environments, and set pieces that will tell your story

Surfacing / Texturing

Creative texturing for your shots, customizing characters, and building a scene

Rigging / Constraints

Customize characters with extra controls and blend shapes, or animate props with ease

MEL Scripting

Work with animation plug-ins or create custom scripts to speed up your workflow with character rigs

Animation - Essentials

From camera animation and shot layout, to all of Maya's built-in animation tools 

Anim Preferences / UI

Adjust Maya for your animation workflow and make your work feel professional more quickly

Graph Editor / Workflow

Character animation essentials, workflow techniques, and other features every animator needs

Cameras / Staging

Create shot cameras for accurate playblasts / renders, and learn virtual camera techniques

Motion Capture Workflow

Animation processing and cleanup tools for game animation and commercial workflows

Hair / Cloth / FX

Simulations and procedural setups; the flashy additions that make your work look professional

Lighting / Rendering

Beautify your shot in a way that makes the overall presentation feel polished and designed

Exporting 3D Data

From Maya to Blender / Houdini / UE5 and more, dive into USD, Alembic, and FBX to name a few

Learn at Your Own Pace

The lecture videos are divided by discipline and split into topics, so you can follow along and return to useful information without getting lost.

Watch them all at once, or over several weeks! This course will meet you where you're at, regardless of your schedule.

* Each video has been recorded at 4K with keystrokes displayed onscreen - you won't miss a thing *


Common Questions

Student Feedback

We don't have to tell you that this is the best possible way to learn Maya... others already have!

Ariana Alexander

"I have to say that this is the best workshop I've ever taken for animation. You will be grateful for the recordings because the amount of info covered is staggering. If you are new to Maya/animation, or if you're a 7 year veteran like I am, you will have plenty to learn either way."

Carlos Vazquez

This workshop taught me more about Maya animation than the 3 years of university that I already wasted before this class. Forget school, if you take everything Sir Wade says to heart in this workshop, you'll be better off than most of us in school!

Luke Shaw

I can't overstate the value of Sir Wade's technical background in animation and unique insights into optimizing your workflow in Maya. No matter your level of experience, there is always more to learn in this field and I highly recommend taking the opportunity to learn from Sir Wade.

Elizabeth Kruger

"Sir Wade does NOT disappoint. If you enjoy his videos, you will love this workshop. I would highly recommend the Maya Workshop for both the beginner and the more advanced Maya user. You will take away so many great nuggets of useful information. You will be surprised by how much more there is to know about Maya and what the program and you are capable of creating. Sir Wade is thorough and in depth and his gracious nature and attitude are even better in person."

Charlotte Taylor

"Animation courses tend not to teach you Maya in depth so this workshop was a godsend, it was absolutely packed with tricks and tips and demos. You might argue there's already a lot of tutorials floating around, but you gotta know what you are looking for, and this workshop gave me SO many answers to questions I didn't even know I had! When day 1 starts and already you're learning things on Maya settings, you know you're in for a treat... Sir Wade is also a brilliant teacher and communicates things really clearly. It's the workshop we all need!"

Micah Chambers

Sir Wade's workshop covered from the base to the brim of Maya. He delves into how all the tools function, and gives plenty of examples to engage the viewer. In just a week, Maya has become the most comfortable 3D program I've used and I'm now able build and animate shorts from the ground up. If you plan on learning Maya, this is a must-have for the edu-collection.

Want a Sneak Peek?

Check out this breakdown of the course to get a sense of what you can expect!

This course started as a 5-hour training series at DreamWorks Animation and has grown over the years into what it is today.

We hope to see you there!

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