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The 5-15 second Animation Challenge is completed, but you can still download the challenge rig!


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I'm Sir Wade, and yes that's my real name. I've been teaching animation for over 5 years. Join me for a workshop and let's build your creative skillset!

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Maya for Animators

Maya is the primary tool that all character animators learn. I'll show you how to use all of Maya's different creative toolsets to elevate your demo reel shots from modeling to FX and lighting.

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Blender for Animators

Blender is a powerful and free 3D software that's easy to learn and even easier to make impressive visuals in. I'll show you how to get started animating using 3D characters, 2D grease pencil, and geometry nodes.

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Unreal Engine for Animators

UE5 is a game engine capable of rendering incredible visuals in real-time. As of Version 5.1, character animation is now possible using Control Rig in the Sequencer so we'll learn to animate in-engine.

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What kinds of courses are available?

Whether your focus is career, creative, or technical, we have something to help you develop your professional skills.

Software Training

The number one thing that holds aspiring animators back from putting their visions onscreen is often struggling against the technical tools.

Character Animation

From the core fundamentals and principles of animation to body mechanics, advanced acting, and workflow - build a strong foundation.

Job Application

We cover everything you'll need to create an effective cover letter and resume, as well as feedback on your portfolio or reel.

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Ryan Stokes

"This was an amazing workshop, I learned more in this one week workshop than I have in my entire time at university."

Jacob Corder

"Sir Wade is phenomenal. Beginner or advanced, if you want to level up your knowledge of Maya and animation, this class is for you!"

Cam Doidge

"The course not only made animation in Maya more approachable but also gave me a bunch of other tools that I can utilize to make my ideas real. Loved it!"

Christopher Garcia

"A fun and workflow-changing experience that all must attend."

Sarabi Buesing

"I had a blast and enjoyed every second of it. This was worth every penny on the first day alone."

Dimath Kojitha

"This workshop will take your fear out of Maya."

Sarthak Khurana

"I learned more in a week than I did in 4 years. Examples on different topics, insights on how it applies in real life problems when working with a rig or for a studio, etc."

Amanda Burley

"I had been feeling stuck in a bit of an animation rut and just not feeling motivated to really do anything with it, but this helped energize me and give me some new ideas that make me want to get back into it regularly again."

Jeromy Ball

"I left the workshop with a greater understanding of both Maya the software and animation as a whole. Anyone seeking to increase their skills should definitely sign up the next time he offers this workshop."

Kadeem Heron

"I took this workshop as a refresher for the things I learned in college, but ended up learning more in a week than I did in 4 years."

Agustin Gonzales

"Sir Wade is an animation guru and a great instructor! I learned so much in such a short amount of time and I would definitely recommend for anyone new or looking to jump back into animation!"

Anonymous Student

"This workshop was a very valuable resource as someone who just graduated from college for animation. I learned settings and techniques in Maya that my school never taught me. I whole-heartedly recommend taking a workshop with Sir Wade."

Supplement Your Education 

Most universities and animation programs only scratch the surface of what you need to be hirable. Our curriculums are designed to cover more than any of these programs at a fraction of the cost, so you can save time and money while learning.

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