Sir Wade's Fall Animation Challenge

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Download the Project Files

Download the challenge template, and the character rig files!

Characters ready for animating in Maya's Viewport, and another variant that's render-ready.
You'll also find a robot sidekick, an awesome keytar, and a simple lighting setup to get started.

What more could you need? Remember to reference your files for easy switching!

Download Maya Free Trial
Download Maya Indie

Challenge Prizes


NVIDIA Studio is providing an RTX 3090 / RTX 3080 / RTX 3070 to 1st / 2nd / 3rd place, respectively

Wacom One 13 Display Tablets

Wacom for Education is providing a brand-new display tablet and stands for each Top 3 winner

JangaFX Suite Licenses

Makers of EmberGen, JangaFX is providing 4 perpetual licenses to their tools: Top 3 + Best FX

Animation Reel Reviews

Demo Reel critiques from former multiple award winning PIXAR artist of 20 years, Michal Makarewicz

Challenge Shot Reviews

Shot reviews from animation director at Paramount/Nickelodeon, Jean-Denis Haas

animBot 1-Year Licenses

1-Year Premium Licenses for Top 3
1-Year Pro Licenses for 5 Creative

RAZER Hardware Accessories

Thunderbolt 4 docks + 130W USB-C GaN Chargers
(Both for Top 3; 130W GaN Chargers for 5 Creative)

Judging in Progress!

Any additional submissions will not be judged, but can be included in the final montage

The challenge submission deadline was Wednesday, November 15th, 2023 at 11:59pm PT
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24 FPS | 120 - 360 Frames (5-15 sec) | 16:9 Aspect Ratio | 1080p+ | 100MB Max File Size

• Must loosely follow the template file / motion flow from screen left to screen forward-right
• Must feature at least one of the two included character rigs
• Playblasts / Renders must be clean (no visible manipulators, controls, selections, non-geo objects, etc. - see FAQ)
• Only one submission per artist

Ready to submit your final animation? Fill out the Google Form link here to complete your challenge entry.
You will be asked to sign into your email in order to upload your file to Sir's Google Drive via the form.



Meet the Judges

Sir Wade Neistadt

Sir Wade is a Character Animator and a YouTube Content Creator working to make animation and 3D education more accessible for aspiring and professional artists through his videos and industry training.

Michal Makarewicz

Former PIXAR Artist of 20 years, Michal is the founder of the Animation Collaborative and ProRigs. He's received 2 Annies (Soul, Ratatouille), been nominated for a VES award, and a Reuben Award.

Ilse Zamarripa

Lead 3D Animator at Steamroller Animation with a passion for character performance, dynamic scenes and body mechanics, Ilse is creating The Worldspace: a series of Animation Industry Videos on YouTube.

Jean-Denis Haas

Animation Director at Paramount / Nickelodeon (formerly Warner Brothers Animation and ILM), teacher at AM, his Spungella Animation Workshop, the Academy of Art University, and on YouTube.

Harvey Newman

Founder of Proxima Games Studio, Harvey is an Animation Director at Build a Rocket Boy. He has worked in the games industry for nearly 18 years and creates on YouTube.

Clint Jones | pwnisher

Creator of the popular 3D Community Render Challenges, Clint is a Director, a 3D / VFX Artist, and a Photographer who creates 3D Challenges, Tutorials, Live Streams and Breakdowns on YouTube.

Need Support?

Join the Animation Challenge Community Discord

If you need support, questions answered, or animation feedback from your peers, jump into the server and participate in Sir's community of artists.

It's always more fun to work with others, so get involved!


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Utilize a variety of tools to visually enhance your scenes
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