Sir Wade's 2023 Fall Animation Challenge

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Meet the Challenge Judges

Sir Wade Neistadt

Sir Wade is a Character Animator and a YouTube Content Creator working to make animation and 3D education more accessible for aspiring and professional artists through his videos and industry training.

Ilse Zamarripa

Lead 3D Animator at Steamroller Animation with a passion for character performance, dynamic scenes and body mechanics, Ilse is creating The Worldspace: a series of Animation Industry Videos on YouTube.

Jean-Denis Haas

Animation Director at Paramount / Nickelodeon (formerly Warner Brothers Animation and ILM), teacher at AM, his Spungella Animation Workshop, the Academy of Art University, and on YouTube.

Harvey Newman

Founder of Proxima Games Studio, Harvey is an Animation Director at Build a Rocket Boy. He has worked in the games industry for nearly 18 years and creates on YouTube.

Michal Makarewicz

Former PIXAR Artist of 20 years, Michal is the founder of the Animation Collaborative and ProRigs. He's received 2 Annies (Soul, Ratatouille), been nominated for a VES award, and a Reuben Award.

Clint Jones | pwnisher

Creator of the popular 3D Community Render Challenges, Clint is a Director, a 3D / VFX Artist, and a Photographer who creates 3D Challenges, Tutorials, Live Streams and Breakdowns on YouTube.

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