This Online Class is Coming Soon!

The first test run of this class has concluded and will be turned into an 'at your own pace' online course in the coming months.


Experience a focused, industry-geared training course.

  • Animation lectures¬†/¬† workflow demos¬†/ assignment¬†feedback
  • All sessions are recorded and replay access is¬†permanent
  • Access to private Discord channels¬†to communicate with your instructor and your peers

The Basis of Every Shot

You'll use these skills in every shot you'll ever animate, throughout your career.



  • All-Software¬†Accessible (Maya, Blender, UE 5.4 Recommended)
  • Affordably-Priced Animation Education
  • Industry-Based Accelerated Course Curriculum
  • All Lectures are Recorded¬†for¬†Continued Access


18 Hours of Lectures with your Instructor, Sir Wade

Join this online animation course to participate in this animation learning experience with:

  • Course Lectures / Presentations
  • Animation Workflow Demos
  • Animation Assignments to Follow Along

It's time to take the next step in your animation career.




Here's a brief overview of some of the topics we'll discuss:

  • Mechanics in the 12 Principles
    • Weight: The Core of Character Locomotion
    • Balance / Motivation / Flow
  • How to Use Video Reference (and when not¬†to)
    • Stylization vs Realism
    • Analyzing Live Action¬†Footage for Better Posing
  • Workflows for Shot Blocking
    • Methods¬†for Examining Motion
    • Timing and Spacing, Explained
  • Animation Assignments
    • Advanced and Unique Posing Exercises
    • Walk / Run Cycle Deep-Dives
    • Live Action¬†Analysis and¬†Breakdown
    • Weight + Timing Exercises


Intro to Body Mechanics




You're encouraged to work on several assignments during this class, some of which have never been taught at any other school:

  • Advanced and Unique Posing Exercises
  • Walk / Run Cycle Deep-Dives
  • Live Action¬†Analysis and¬†Breakdown
  • Weight + Timing Exercises

These modified assignments have been developed through the feedback of several Animation Supervisors within our industry, to teach skills and practices that will benefit you throughout your career.

"What if I don't finish all the assignments in that time?"

It's very possible you may not finish each assignment within the class' term, but the goal is not perfection- it's that you try, that you make progress, and that you ask questions to further understand the animation process and workflows, no matter your skill level or speed!



I've been teaching animation for over 5 years, and I thought it was time to put together a crash-course in character animation to help you get started!

I know there are a lot of artists around the world who haven't had the opportunity to participate in a formal animation course or school based on the price of various options such as universities, colleges, and online programs.

Many of these programs and courses are well-worth the financial investment, and this course isn't meant to be a replacement for a good animation school. But it will help you get started no matter your budget!

This course is designed to teach you essential lessons that every animator needs to learn in order to continue growing as an artist.

"Sir Wade's class is a deep dive into what makes or breaks your body mechanics; you will learn information that is not available online and its super affordable!"

Andres Irausquin

"I've taken a few of Sir Wade's workshops so far and each time when they've ended I've felt that I've either learned something new or been introduced to a new way of thinking that has made the animation process a little easier. Highly recommend!"

Anonymous Student

"In just two months of classes with Sir Wade I've had more teaching and demos on animation workflow than a year of my animation program at university. These classes have helped me feel excited about animation again."


"Those who wanna learn animation...this is a good place to start."

Mahir Absar Khan

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