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Most artists start off with the same question: How do you actually animate a shot?

In this class, we have a lecture unit dedicated to that exact topic, where we break down the different stages of animating a shot, how to know when you're ready to move on to the next, and what's expected in a studio environment.

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Learning animation is a long and ongoing process, and every animator has to start somewhere!

Before you dive into animating fight scenes, flying dragons, or web-slinging heroes in tights- you have to learn the fundamentals of character animation, and build a foundational understanding of the mechanics that will allow your animations to stand out, get you hired, and connect with an audience.

This online class will cover concepts such as weight, spacing, and timing with animation demos designed to show you practical workflows, and lectures to teach you not just what the principles of animation are, but more importantly why they're important and how to utilize them.

Your journey as a professional animator begins here.

The Perfect Starting Point

Every professional animator began where you are. Now it's your turn.



  • Online Animation¬†Class - Learn at your own pace
  • All-Software¬†Accessible (Maya / Blender / UE5 Recommended)
  • Affordably-Priced Animation Education
  • All Lectures are Recorded¬†for Your Convenience



Industry-Based Learning with your Instructor, Sir Wade

Join this online animation course to participate in this animation learning experience with:

  • Course Lectures / Presentations
  • Animation Workflow Demos
  • Animation Assignments to Follow Along

It's time to take the next step in your animation career.




We have a lot to cover, and you'll learn a ton!

Here's a brief overview of some of the topics we'll dive into:

  • 12 Principles of Animation -¬†Practical Advice
    • Dealing with Keyframes
    • Timeline Management
    • Tips for Better Posing
  • Animating with the Graph Editor
    • How to Animate Faster
  • Exploring Your Workflow
    • Layered (Motion-Focused)
    • Pose to Pose (Pose-Focused)
    • Non-Traditional¬†Workflows
  • The Animation Eye
    • Animation Mechanics
    • How to Animate a Shot


Animation Basics + Fundamentals




You're encouraged to work on 5 assignments* during this class:

  • Bouncing Ball
  • Pendulum
  • Ball with Tail
  • Jump
  • Walk Cycle

The class recommends 1-2 weeks per assignment, but you can take it at your own pace! It's very common that you'll be balancing multiple shots at a job. We'll average a 2 week estimate for each assignment.

"What if I don't finish all the assignments in that time?"

It's possible you may not finish every assignment within the class' recommended time period, but the goal is not perfection- it's that you try and that you consider your progress  a win, no matter your skill level or speed!

*There are 5 variations for each assignment in order to customize the difficulty of each exercise.



I've been teaching animation for over 5 years, and I thought it was time to put together a crash-course in character animation to help you get started!

I know there are a lot of artists around the world who haven't had the opportunity to participate in a formal animation course or school based on the price of various options such as universities, colleges, and online programs.

Many of these programs and courses are well-worth the financial investment, and this course isn't meant to be a replacement for a good animation school. But it will help you get started no matter your budget!

This course is designed to teach you essential lessons that every animator needs to learn in order to continue growing as an artist.

"I've never attended a class that explains the basics of animation so thoroughly. I now have a deep understanding of what should I do to make my animations work and feel appealing, something that I've never felt in my 3 years of college."

Daniel Florez

"Sir Wade was super fun and inspiring. Everyday that I was in class, I felt like something new was coming. Everybody is super nice and Sir makes you feel just as important as everyone else. Definitely one of the best mentors ever! 100% recommend."

Morgan Hansen

"This class is the best one I've ever taken. In 5 weeks I've seen great improvement in my work. It gives you a bunch of impactful insights on your animation process, start to finish; Gives you a chance to practice and see Sir Wade's process to animate those same exercises; And gives you tools to gather references, develop you "animation eye" and apply the principles of animation in a useful, practical sense."

Gabi Pinto

"The Basics + Fundamentals class exceeded my expectations. It rekindled my love for making animation. The way Sir explains is very precise and you can really feel the enjoyment in teaching you. For a beginner, it is a perfect point to start and for a seasoned animator it is excellent for revisiting the fundamentals and more."

Ricardo Villarroel

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